How Our Topical Droducts Work


Products on this web site are focused on pain relief for muscular and joint pain, sciatica home treatment, cluster headache remedies, arthritis, fighting fibromyalgia, shingles disease, tennis elbow treatment, extreme upper back pain, shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, knee pain, and pain relief treatment and pain management for a host of medical symptoms.

Natural Topical Pain Relief

We require extensive clinical testing and development, taking note of historical uses for essential oils such as Calendula Oil. It has been shown that Calendula Oil, as an active ingredient in a pain relief product is an effective topical analgesic for pain relief. Unlike traditional pain relief formulas that are taken in pill form and more often than not affect the entire body and not just the source of the pain area. Our products offer a highly effective topical pain relief treatment which is applied directly to the area of pain and discomfort.

Most of our topically-applied pain relief products have been clinically tested under strict guidelines and found to provide safe, relief to multiple areas of pain in the muscles, joints, and surrounding tissues. Results of these studies must show that the “vast majority” of those who were tested found a range of “noticeable pain relief” to “complete pain relief” after applying each product.

ALL PAIN COMES FROM AFFECTED NERVES in the joints, muscle, and tissues of your body…ALL PAIN..NO EXCEPTIONS. To eliminate pain, requires getting the origin and point of pain to among other things, allow oxygen and blood to flow back into the affected area is a requirement for success because when this happens the nerves quits sending pain signals to the spinal chord and therefore to the brain.

We search for and provide homeopathic OVER THE COUNTER pain relief products, available without a prescription, that will eliminate pain symptoms in 5 to 15 minutes. There are no pills, no dangerous side effects and no waiting for pain relief products on this web site.

The Miracle of Calendula Oil!!!

At the active ingredient base of a few of our products is Calendula Oil. A healing carrier oil containing the active ingredients of the marigold flower often referred to as Marigold Oil. The special patented formula pain relief properties of some of our products are based on a high content and diversity of carotenes, phytosterols, polyphenols and EFAs present in the herb as a part of their pain relieving penetrating formulation.

Calendula has always had a reputation as one of the best herbs for treating burns, scalds, cuts, abrasions, and infections. Because of its antiseptic qualities, Calendula Oil can dramatically improve the flow of blood and oxygen to the affected area of the body. Also known as pot marigold (Calendula officinalis), calendula is a versatile herb native to the Mediterranean region. Europeans have grown this flowering plant in their gardens since the 1100s, actively using it through the centuries as a food and healing agent. A member of the aster family, calendula should not be confused with the common garden marigold (Tagetes species), which also sports bright orange and yellow flowers. It’s the colorful blossoming tops that are used medicinally.

Health Benefits

Calendula is natural remedy for many of life’s little accidents: sunburns, bruises, and scratches, to name a few. In years past, the herb was used to treat wide-ranging ailments, such as fever, cancer, and skin infections. Contemporary herbalists now focus primarily on its topical uses, namely, for treating boils, rashes, sunburns, chapped hands, insect bites, and other instances of inflamed or damaged skin. Lotions and other topical calendula preparations (tinctures, ointments, creams, gargles) are still widely used in Europe, particularly for slow-healing skin problems. Many of these topical formulations can now be found in pharmacies, health-food stores, and other outlets in the United States.

The herb’s primary active compounds include triterpenoids (they are anti-inflammatory) and flavonoids. Modern laboratory and animal studies indicate that calendula petals do indeed have anti-inflammatory, astringent, and antiseptic (antibacterial and antiviral) properties, and may even offer immune-stimulating actions. The benefits of calendula in healing burns and wounds have also been demonstrated in research studies.

Calendula is also known by the names Marigold, Pot Marigold, Mary Bud, Mary Gowles, Holigold, and Golds. Calendula grows as a common garden plant throughout North America and Europe. The golden-orange or yellow flowers of Calendula have been used as medicine for centuries. The part of this plant used medicinally are the flowers. Calendula flowers were believed to be useful in reducing inflammation, wound healing, and as an antiseptic.

Historically, Calendula was used to treat various skin diseases, ranging from skin ulcerations to eczema. Internally, the soothing effects of Calendula were used for stomach ulcers and inflammation. A sterile tea of this herb was also applied in cases of conjunctivitis. Calendula has been found to be antispasmodic, aperient, cholagogue, diaphoretic, vulnerary. The primary chemical constituents of this herb include saponins, carotenoids, flavonoids, mucilage, bitter principle, phytosterols, and polysaccharides resin.

Cautions – Calendula has No Known Toxicity, and is considered safe in normal applications. There are no known drug interactions with Calendula, although occasional interactions may occur in cases of allergic reaction.