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Keep in mind that when you visit these sites, the sales copy for each and every marketing information product is written all about you, the consumer. Each will emphasize what you’ll gain, how you’ll benefit, and what they’ll do for you. Generally, one of their goals and our goal is for each and every product introduced by these affiliate programs to produce profits for their and our web site.

We wanted you to know up front that we will profit if you buy from one of the affiliates listed below….but we also want you to know that if we do not make a small profit we can’t operate this website to the level of professional personnel, research, maintenance and etc. it takes to remain a viable entity and insure we remain in business to serve you as well as and as best we can.

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Health Solutions Medical Products provides consumers alternative, clinically proven, drug free treatments for their health needs. They have a reputation for developing and bringing to market innovative, high quality, professional medical and home healthcare products.

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Their goal to meet the needs of the medical community and consumers worldwide by providing accurate, efficient and reliable products. With nearly 30 years of experience marketing and developing irrigation systems, their recent introduction of the FIRST FDA registered and UL approved pulsatile sinonasal irrigation system, The Hydro Pulse® Nasal / Sinus Irrigation System will provide a natural alternative for millions of allergy and sinus sufferers.

Life saving information and resource website dedicated to Colorectal Cancer Prevention & Therapy.

Colon cancer deaths could be nearly eliminated if most people learn the basics, talk to their family and physicians about it, and take action to prevent it. Unfortunately, as recent government surveys and studies show, less than 40% of people who should be screened have been screened. Respondents age 50 and over to a recent survey on this site said only 51% of their doctors discussed colon cancer screening with them.

Prevention of colon cancer and other digestive disorders starts with you. It requires that you take an active role in your own health. That means know the basics: 1) the early warning signs and symptoms of colon cancer, 2) whether you have a family history of cancer requiring earlier screening measures than the average population, 3) the different screening methods available, and 4) the best screening tests to use. It also requires that you engage in: 1) a regular regimen of screening, and 2) an educated and active dialog with your health care provider so they can provide the best available preventative care.

At i-medsource you can secure a medical consultation with a US licensed physician who can write your prescriptions for chronic medical conditions. Their affiliated pharmacy will then fill and ship your medication private and discreet to your home or office the very same day. Medical records and Identification are required to use their services. and its partners provide the most comprehensive online medical care available. Give them a try you will love their expertise and service.
* Initial Consultation Cost: $120.00, and you will receive 2 refill prescriptions. **Registered patients get a discounted rate of $100.00 for online consultations (a $20.00 Savings) ***Your Credit Card will NOT be charged untill the actual physician consultation takes place.

Their expert information resources provides a list and clinical description of the most likely conditions based on an analysis of your particular symptoms.

EasyDiagnosis focuses on the most common medical complaints that account for the majority of physician visits and hospitalizations.

Subscribers get an individualized list of likely diagnoses as opposed to an overwhelming volume of unrelated medical information. You’ll also get access to helpful articles about medical controversies and important health issues.

Since 1996, Medifocus has been the largest provider of medical information reports to consumers in North America. The, Inc. management, supported by a team of highly experienced medical research professionals, along with the assistance of the Medical Advisory Board, are dedicated to providing the latest and most comprehensive detailed information about specific medical conditions.

The Guides are updated regularly using the most trusted peer-reviewed medical information sources. Medifocus has medical information Guides for over 120 medical conditions, including cancer, heart ailments and women’s health issues.