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How to Achieve Effective Neck neck pain
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General Application Procedure

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Topical solutions like our Menastil and CorProfen products are applied topically to the area on your neck that is the source of your neck pain. They do not attack the inflammation of the irritated nerves in the neck joint or muscle of your body where the pain exists but effectively cause the affected, irritated nerves at the point of your neck pain to relax. The relaxing agent formulas in these products will deliver neck pain for a period of up to 8 hours by essentially “turning off the pain signal to your spinal chord, the pain message connector to your brain”.

Topical solutions are “not cures”…the source and cause of your neck pain still exists and you must find and treat the underlying cause of your neck pain by consulting with a physician!

• At the first sign of arthritic, joint, or muscle neck related pain discomfort gently rub the applicator on the area of your body where you feel the neck pain as indicated below

• Gently apply 2 to 3 light coats of the solution to your neck pain in a continuous motion

• The area you cover with the solution should be at least as large as the area of discomfort

• The solution will remain moist on your skin for a few minutes…let it dry

• Remain in a relaxed position and keep the application area warm to enhance neck neck pain

• Most people will feel effective neck neck pain in as little as 10 – 15 minutes

• Additional applications may be necessary to achieve a desired level of neck neck pain Every person has a “threshold of pain” unique to their own physiological make-up

The Neck

The Neck is a sensitive area and requires a considerable amount of patience to find exactly the right spot to apply the topical solution for effective neck neck pain. The size of the DOTS represent the size of the application, something close to the size of a 50 cent piece (coin).

Start with the lower DOTS on your neck and work left to right allowing 15 minutes for each one before you move to the next dot.

If no neck neck pain at this DOT position on your neck, move up to the cranium base where your neck meets your skull. Once again, begin with the left DOT area on your neck, wait 15 minutes and then apply to the right DOT area.

The key is to experiment until you find the correct area on or very close to the DOT on your neck that will bring you the most neck neck pain. Also, if one works, go ahead and try the other DOT areas on your neck as well…it’s not uncommon that two DOT areas together are the cause or your neck pain and you must find them to achieve neck pain for your neck pain.

Be patience…find the right spot on your neck by using the DOT’S to relieve your neck pain. pain.